Wisconsin Fall

The upside to living in Wisconsin, a land where fall is just one month between summer and ice-hell is the AMAZING farmers’ markets. I am fortunate to live in Dane County in Southern Wisco which is surrounded by farm country for a pretty goddamn long way. This means great vegetables are available practically year round (remember, ice-hell), and the prices are cheap cheap cheap. For years I’ve been able to go to the market on Saturday and get a week’s worth of produce, bread, locally grown grains, maple syrup etc. for $20-25.

The Dane County Farmers’ Market stretches around all four sides of the state capitol building, and is the largest producer-only farmers’ market in the country. Vendors make their own cheese curds, produce artesian pasta and bloody mary mix, pickle mushrooms and onions, and sell gourd-themed decorations. The market is, in every way, reflective of the city’s culture: food-centered, DIY, and political. (Hear me brag more about the market in this Food Politic article).

So, until the weather takes a turn for the horrendous my friends, here is some vegetable porn to ogle.

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