Vegan Guide to Boston Part III

Hey y’all, it’s really been a minute, hasn’t it? This summer has been an absolute trash fire in terms of having my life together, so I guess I’ll fill you guys in from the beginning.

Back in April, Ben and I went to South Africa. Ben decided that was a good time and place to propose, to which I was like… you brought a diamond ring with you? To a foreign country? Are you dumb? And he was like “yes, spend the rest of your life with me pls.”

So we got engaged and then a little while later Ben heard back from graduate school and learned that he got into University of Chicago and after a lot of yelling and tears and laughing and indigestion we decided to move to Chicago! So then we were tasked with figuring out how to move all of our worldly possessions from Boston to Chicago and finding an apartment and quitting our jobs and finding a new job all while casually planning a wedding and learning to be adult humans. Casj.

Anyway, the last three months have been an absolute nightmare in terms of being cool and normal, so blogging has taken the back seat to the back seat. It’s like 3 cars back from the back seat at this point. But! We now have an apartment and our things and our physical selves are in the Midwest so it’s all going to be O K A Y. Probably. Hopefully.

Before we say goodbye to Somerville and Boston once and for all I wanted to do one final Boston restaurant roundup. I’ve written about the vegan scene in Boston a few other times (Part I is here and Part II is here). Here are a few more of my faves!

veggie crust

Veggie Crust – located in my home sweet home Somerville, this pizza spot has some pretty dope IndoChinese fusion pizzas and pretty much everything can be made vegan! My favorite is the Cauliflower Manchurian pizza which has this super delicious sauce and ginger, garlic, and fresh basil and MMMMM.

al FreshCo – OK this is technically not a restaurant, but a cool, Boston-based food business that I totally dig. They deliver meal kits of locally-sourced veggies and grains BY BIKE. Most of the ingredients are grown or processed in Massachusetts and are super simple to assemble. Check them out.

Punjabi Dhaba  I was really late to discover the magic of Punjabi Dhaba, but I’ve gone at least five times in the last two months, so that’s something. They have a variety of veggie options and they’re all fucking delicious and come with different chutneys and are just the greatest. It’s cash only. You’ve been warned!

(Chacos and my disgusting feet not included)

J.P. Licks – I grew up going to this place and have been delighted to see a variety of soy-, coconut- and hemp-based flavors that are pretty awesome. They rotate flavors in and out, but I particularly like the Chunky Peanut Butter, which is hemp-based!

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