Wisconsin Fall

The upside to living in Wisconsin, a land where fall is just one month between summer and ice-hell is the AMAZING farmers’ markets. I am fortunate to live in Dane County in Southern Wisco which is surrounded by farm country for a pretty goddamn long way. This means great vegetables are available practically year round […]

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Veganizzm hits the town: Umami

I’ve been tossing around the idea of writing vegan-friendly restaurant reviews on here for a while, unsure whether they would land and whether I wanted to think about anything while eating out other than shoving food at my face. Finally I was like, double Y chromosome the hell not? I love cooking, but slaving over […]

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Door County Cherry Pie

Haya Bashir was one of my first friends in college. She knew me before I had this blog, which is A HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN MOST OF YOU CAN SAY. Just kidding, we old souls.Haya is the cat’s pajamas, to use an expression nobody is using but probably everybody should be. She’s got […]

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