Vegan Guide to Boston

I grew up in Boston but didn’t become vegan until I had moved halfway across the country to cheese-lovin’ Wisconsin. I would come home every summer hungry to see what was popping up on Boston’s vegan/vegetarian scene. Last week an article came out on CBS Boston’s site called “Boston’s Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants.” While the list […]

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Vegan Eggplant Involtini

My earliest memory of eggplant is some time in the 90’s when my mom brought an eggplant home from the grocery story that had a large, protruding lump in the middle which made it resemble Bill Clinton (according to her). Something along these lines: #childofthe90s. No disrespect to Bill Clinton, but I have never liked […]

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Local is Love at Locavore Roar

When you talk with Tiffany Kenney about food, it’s difficult not to crack a huge grin, or just get really hungry. The passion, energy, and excitement she has for food and food businesses is palpable. Tiffany is the owner of Locavore Roar, a Madison, WI-based consulting firm which specializes in food PR and marketing. We […]

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Kidney Bean Curry

Starting your last semester of college isn’t as emotional as it may sound. In place of figuring out my future or generally having my shit together, I’ve mainly been cooking and eating a lot while strategizing how many weeks I can go without doing my laundry, playing with Bruse, trying to finish a scarf I’ve been […]

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