Ginger Carrot Sweet Potato Soup

Happy New Year, my lovers and enemies. We’re three weeks into 2018 and in my professional opinion the year is off to a Pretty Good Start. The big, exciting news in my life is that Ben and I got a new puppy two weeks ago. Her name is Cleo and she’s a six month old […]

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Raspberry Linzer Cookies

I low key hate baking, so I decided to make Christmas my own personal hell this year and bake six dozen cookies to bring to Ben’s parents’ house for the holiday. I’ve never especially liked baking because it’s less forgiving than cooking; it doesn’t typically allow for the creative liberties (fuck ups) I like to […]

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Espresso Dark Chocolate Truffles

Most of us need few excuses to dig into a plate of chocolate truffles, especially when coffee is involved. My take on chocolate espresso truffles combines a velvety chocolate base with just enough espresso flavor to give you your caffeine fix. The fact that this version is vegan, kosher for Passover, and healthy (no added sugar!) is […]

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The Best Vegan Cookbooks

I’ve had a lot of people ask for cookbook recommendations over the years and I always have trouble remembering good ones on the spot. Here are a few of my very favorites! I have received and given many of these as gifts over the years and I can say with certainty that ain’t nobody mad about […]

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