Vegan S’more Chocolate Chip Cookies

In my lifetime I have spent many an hour huddled over a campfire, painstakingly rotating a twig bent in despair from the weight of a dense, gooey marshmallow. The noble quest was always to achieve highly esteemed and oh-so-tasty golden brown perfection. Last summer I worked as a camp counselor and was reminded of the cheap […]

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies

Sometimes you need a cookie. A big one with oozing chocolate chips that you repeatedly burn your mouth on right when it comes out of the oven. Sometimes the roof of your mouth takes the hard hits. It happens. Sometimes you need a cookie because you forgot to go to the gym. Some weeks you […]

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Bite-Sized Brazilian Carrot Cake

Well, my friends, the end of the summer is finally upon us. I’m the last to admit that the days of frolicking through fields like a puppy that ate a pot brownie are coming to an end, but there’s something I secretly love about fall. I think it might be carrots. My friend Pati moved […]

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Sourdough Bread Cookies with Cranberries & Pecans

  This was a weekend with just the right balance of good food, good wine, GOOD FOOTBALL, [good pretending to be into football since I do live in Wisconsin], and, of course, good friends. Friday was: A few too many glasses of wine, far too few Seventeen magazine quizzes, and an absolutely unacceptable number of plays of I Will Follow […]

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