Thai Red Curry Split Pea Soup

You’ve seen my Babushka’s split pea soup.  You’ve seen lentil soup (many, many, many times). Winter is AAAAAAAAAAALMOST over in Wisconsin (I started riding my bike this week and if there’s a blizzard or negative 10 degree frost tomorrow I’m still not gonna stop). It’s time for one last cold weather belly-warming soup before I […]

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“Weather Sucks” Lentil Soup

February is unanimously the worst month of the year. I think I write about this every Febrewary (it makes me want to do nothing but drink away my sorrows with some brews), but the sleet/snow/rain mixture currently being aggressively spat on Madison is renewing my loathing for this godforsaken month. SO LET ME GO ON. […]

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Kick the Sick Chickpea Stew

It’s unseasonably cold in Madison and let me tell you SOMEONE’S PISSED. This same someone’s also sick. Don’t give me a glass vase or the kneecaps of someone who crossed the mafia the wrong way cuz I’ll probably break them out of rage without apology. I don’t like to get too graphic here but this […]

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Kale Outta My Ears: Curried Pumpkin Lentil Soup with Kale

This is a post about pumpkin and kale. If you like those things, read on. If not,go paint your dog’s nails. This past weekend I Megabussed my booty to Chicago to visit my lovely friend Jennifah. Between city-galavanting and havoc-wreaking we decided to experiment a bit in the kitch (cuz, really, what else would I […]

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