My Babushka’s Split Pea Soup

You guys know that my babushka is my BFF. You’ve heard she’s bossy and understand that she’s full of bizarre homeopathic Russian remedies. But did you know she’s an amazing vegan cook? Before I got here I don’t think she knew either. From time to time she makes fun of me for my bizarre tastes […]

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Nose Soup

As I write this I have two chunk of onion wedged up my nostrils. According to my babushka, this is a surefire way to get rid of a cold. According to me, this is a surefire way to make soup in my nose. Either way, everything in St. Petersburg is going to smell like raw […]

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St. Petersburg is Melting

St. Petersburg is melting. The roofs are dripping, puddles are becoming lakes, my feet are soaked. The temperature is a whopping +2 C (36ºF) and I’m wearing a T-shirt. There is sweat on my lower back. Is it actually possible that springtime is around the corner? While my babushka and her fur coat would point to […]

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New Words

It was bound to happen eventually. This love affair of metro rides, 30 ruble beers, snowdrifts and sunflower seed halva I’ve been having lately with St. Petersburg has just been too sweet. (Seriously, have you ever tried halva? It’s what 6 future cavities taste like in the present). Walking on the frozen Neva, ballet, cheap elektrichka rides […]

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