How to Build a Cheese Pyramid

Nothing in Russia is a medium-sized deal. The options are twofold: huge, glitzy and over-the-top bare-bones, dirty and offensively underwhelming For example, it’s perfectly acceptable to walk on the street in 8 inch platform rhinestone stilettos and a mini dress when it’s snowing. Preferred, even. This last week alone I saw a Bentley stretch limo, […]

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My Babushka’s Veggie Fried Rice

In our household, things run like clockwork. No, hold on, I said that wrong. Rather, clocks run like things in our household. There’s no joking around here on 4th Soviet Street, never, no way. [Particularly not when I wear my sparkly kitty sweater]. I come into the kitchen for breakfast sharply at 8:30. Breakfast table conversation […]

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When I shuffled my dirty purple slippers into the kitchen this morning my babushka greeted me cheerily with a “с днем числа пи.” At first I had no idea what this meant and blinked at her while my пшенная каша (millet porridge) got cold. She tried again. “Числа пи! Числа пи.” She tried harder. “You […]

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St. Petersburg is Melting

St. Petersburg is melting. The roofs are dripping, puddles are becoming lakes, my feet are soaked. The temperature is a whopping +2 C (36ºF) and I’m wearing a T-shirt. There is sweat on my lower back. Is it actually possible that springtime is around the corner? While my babushka and her fur coat would point to […]

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