Roasted Carrot & Garlic Hummus

I’m doing my taxes today, so to spare you from taking a ride on the complain train, here is some pretty hummus. Today is the first day of spring (!) aaaaand the weather forecast in Boston is for snow #blessed. I am cleaning out my winter supply of root vegetables to make room for spring […]

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Sea Salt Roasted Almond Butter

Holy baby jezus. I just dropped my friend Sasha off at the airport which marks the end of a nine day period of visitors constantly streaming in and out of the house. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of the company, but now I can do all of the weird stuff I do […]

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Roasting is For Lovers and Yourmomegranate

Howdy partners, First off, happy Halloween. Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays because when else is it acceptable to claim a badge of pride for making out with the Dalai Lama, dancing with a Sims family, or striking up an intellectual conversation with a toothbrush? Halloween is one day of the year when […]

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