Seeing Stars at Veggie Galaxy

Podcast #2 is here!  I first went to Veggie Galaxy in 2012 and became a fangirl almost right away. I have considered legally changing my middle name to Comfort Food and boy, do they do vegan comfort food well. I will keep this blog post short and sweet because the podcast episode covers everything from how […]

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Vegan Guide to Boston Part II

Boston is a city with a rich history, top academic institutions, a slight speech impediment (pronouncing Rs is hard), and probably more Vineyard Vines than should be allowed by law. Just kidding… definitely more Vineyard Vines than should be allowed by law. As I’ve mentioned, I am a Masshole, born and raised. I will always have […]

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Eating Vegan is Easy as Pie at Monty’s

Monty’s Blue Plate Diner serves the kind of pie your grandma used to make. Or, if your grandmother wasn’t the kind to make pie, it’s the kind you WISH she had made instead of Brussels spout casserole every goddamn Thanksgiving. Monty’s pie crust is flaky goodness and the filling is never cloyingly sweet, but just […]

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