Meyer Lemon Spelt Pancakes with Blueberry Compote

Spring is the best thing to ever happen to Madison, which is why we’re lucky it happens every year. This week I’ve seen about 7,000 new people downtown, purely because the hibernating sons of guns didn’t bother to leave their houses from November to April. The weathermen are saying this winter was the 11th coldest […]

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9 Things to Do When you Forget Mother’s Day

1. Call your mom crying because the rabies-infested stray cat you took in yesterday ran away. She will forgive you for letting this take precedent because moms are more compassionate than regular human beings. 2. Tell her the enormous diamond/flower bouquet/life-sized sculpture of her you made are so difficult to transport that they will arrive a little […]

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Baby Got Back

Holy kale, who can believe it’s January 21st?! Not this girl. The last three weeks have been a blur of travel, friends, crazy delicious food, falling asleep watching movies (don’t you love that?), having to pee on public transportation (don’t you hate that?), brownies, grandmas (my own and otherwise), pop music, and prep for Russia. […]

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Pecan and Cranberry Buckwheat Pancakes

This morning we had a lovely brunch to say goodbye to our dear friend Tori. It’s okay to serve your own going away meals, right? Right. Can you tell I’m doing anything to procrastinate studying? #quitstalin Thanks for coming Torz, I’mma miss ya munchkin! Pecan and Cranberry Buckwheat Pancakes 1/2 cup apple juice 1 Tablespoon brown sugar […]

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