Berry Jam Oat Bars

There’s no way to describe these oat squares except supreme. I’ve made them a number of times, but the first time was at my friends’ pad called The Rookery in 2011. To imagine The Rookery just think of a tiny, cramped attic apartment which miraculously housed four college seniors and had a cardboard cutout of […]

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Coconut Cookies

There’s something about late fall that makes me turn into a fuzzy blue monster and only want to eat things that rhyme with shmocolate shmip, boatmeal taze-in’ and kickerpoodle. Maybe it’s a bit of pre-holiday excitement. Maybe it’s my body’s attempt to pad itself preemptively for a long, cold midwestern winter. Whatever it is, I […]

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Quinoa apple crumble for fall

A few weeks ago my main blog analyst-slash-mom told me that my blog is severely lacking in autumnal desserts. I waited for zero seconds to starting thinking about which seasonal dessert to make first because…dessert. I’d recently spied a quinoa oat crumble in the NY Times but that recipe is SO LAST SEASON oh my god […]

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Homemade Jam-filled Nutrigrain Bars

Two Sundays ago I graduated college. I could golden shower you with clichés about moving on to the next stage of my life or the life lessons I’ve learned since becoming a REAL WOMAN but instead I’ll tell it to you straight: from my, oh, fourteen days of experience in the quote-unquote-real-world life is confusing […]

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