Eating Vegan is Easy as Pie at Monty’s

Monty’s Blue Plate Diner serves the kind of pie your grandma used to make. Or, if your grandmother wasn’t the kind to make pie, it’s the kind you WISH she had made instead of Brussels spout casserole every goddamn Thanksgiving. Monty’s pie crust is flaky goodness and the filling is never cloyingly sweet, but just […]

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Vegan Brunch in Madtown Part I

Brunch is indisputably the most baller meal of the day. When Sunday gets rolling (and not in the fun way) brunch is an opportune moment to pad your belly with some satisfying, satiating, gut-hugging grub. Plus, it’s a great way to combine two meals into one, and I don’t see Dunch or Linner doing much […]

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Veganizzm hits the town: Umami

I’ve been tossing around the idea of writing vegan-friendly restaurant reviews on here for a while, unsure whether they would land and whether I wanted to think about anything while eating out other than shoving food at my face. Finally I was like, double Y chromosome the hell not? I love cooking, but slaving over […]

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Kidney Bean Curry

Starting your last semester of college isn’t as emotional as it may sound. In place of figuring out my future or generally having my shit together, I’ve mainly been cooking and eating a lot while strategizing how many weeks I can go without doing my laundry, playing with Bruse, trying to finish a scarf I’ve been […]

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