Vegan Eggplant Involtini

My earliest memory of eggplant is some time in the 90’s when my mom brought an eggplant home from the grocery story that had a large, protruding lump in the middle which made it resemble Bill Clinton (according to her). Something along these lines: #childofthe90s. No disrespect to Bill Clinton, but I have never liked […]

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Tuscan Chickpea Pasta

Okay, some liberties were taken with this recipe. In Tuscany, they would probably be eating fresh homemade pasta and talking fast with hand gestures about soccer and cars and having mustaches. In my kitchen, I’m using boxed pasta, talking fast with clawing gestures about Panda Cam, and so far having no luck in the mustache […]

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Garlicky Balsamic Bruschetta with Basil


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