Summertime Herbed Fettuccini with Arugula, Tomatoes, and Walnuts

I’m not usually one for quick and dirty posts on recipes I’ve made for dinner some night this week. I generally prefer to make recipes a few times to be sure they’re actually good (and I wasn’t just delirious and really hungry), but this week I made something so simple and delicious I can’t NOT […]

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Tahini White Bean Pasta Salad

In my opinion, the best thing about summer is the food. [Do I say this at the beginning of every season?] I pee my pants every time I go to the farmers’ market and see that new things have popped up. I am growing my first real vegetable garden and I am starting to see tiny […]

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Herbed Cranberry-Squash Vegan Stuffing

I rarely do anything ahead of time. I promise myself week after week that I’ll make lunches on Sunday night so I will ACTUALLY bring them to work. I always forget, and most days I end up eating peanut butter jelly scoops* for lunch. My laundry is currently forming a hard shell at the bottom […]

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Fresh Herb & Tomato Pasta

This morning I found myself doing a rain dance in the shower. Now, it might seem counterintuitive to try to dance away the storm clouds when you’re soaking wet, but the open window in my bathroom suggested the skies were about to open up and wage holy warfare on us, so it was the least […]

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