Sweet Potato Brownies

Howdy. I have a guest post today from blogger Agness of Run Agness Run. Agness is from Poland and lives in Amsterdam, so she knows first hand what it’s like being vegan in Europe (something I’ve done – it’s tough navigating all those cheese-loving people). If it seems like I have been partnering with people […]

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Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Veggie Burgers

Do you ever get totally obsessed with one ingredient? Like, you find an ingredient that you suddenly want to wife up and NEED TO ADD TO EVERYTHING EVEN THOUGH PICKLED ASPARAGUS AND KUMQUATS REALLY AREN’T A THING. My ingredient du jour is sun-dried tomatoes. I can’t really explain it (maybe I’m lusting for the soon-to-be tomato […]

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Meyer Lemon Spelt Pancakes with Blueberry Compote

Spring is the best thing to ever happen to Madison, which is why we’re lucky it happens every year. This week I’ve seen about 7,000 new people downtown, purely because the hibernating sons of guns didn’t bother to leave their houses from November to April. The weathermen are saying this winter was the 11th coldest […]

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Quinoa apple crumble for fall

A few weeks ago my main blog analyst-slash-mom told me that my blog is severely lacking in autumnal desserts. I waited for zero seconds to starting thinking about which seasonal dessert to make first because…dessert. I’d recently spied a quinoa oat crumble in the NY Times but that recipe is SO LAST SEASON oh my god […]

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