Wisconsin Fall

The upside to living in Wisconsin, a land where fall is just one month between summer and ice-hell is the AMAZING farmers’ markets. I am fortunate to live in Dane County in Southern Wisco which is surrounded by farm country for a pretty goddamn long way. This means great vegetables are available practically year round […]

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Baked Tomato Tart

Hey you tarts! As we’re approaching prime mid-summer tomato season I thought it only fitting and proper to post a delectable (and deceivingly easy) recipe to share at a picnic or devour singlehandedly at home. Whatever floats your boat, I’m not looking. Big props to my girl Pati for snapping these shots! Baked Tomato Tart Adapted from […]

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Strawberry Chia Seed Jam

The farmer’s market is finally returning to its lush, bountiful glory just in time fo’ the FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF SUMMMAHHH. This week I snagged a couple quarts of strawberries for cheap and was looking for a quick and dirty (okay, relatively clean, I just made my kitchen un-messy for the first time in weeks) […]

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Spring Veggie-Loaded Pasta

Fresh from the farmer’s market, this pasta dish is loaded with enough spring veggie bounty to forgive this season’s ridiculous bipolar weather. Top with cheese or cheeze if your heart desires, but it’s gdamn good without. Trust me, I made it to last a few days for dinner but ended up eating most of it […]

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