Coffee Cream Bars

The internets are the best, aren’t they? Over the course of the five years I’ve been writing this here blog I’ve met a number of pretty awesome people by way of email introduction, social media, and creepy, creepy internet stalking (just kidding, kind of). I cannot state how crucial browsing the interwebs was when I […]

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Feeling Ballsy (Vegan Cookie Dough Balls)

First off, let’s all just take a minute to laugh at the word balls, because, hey, we’re all 13 year old boys. This recipe is stupid easy, so I figured it needed a stupid title. OKAY WE’VE HAD OUR GIGGLES NOW, LET’S CARRY ON. I made my first iteration of this recipe about four years ago. Since then, […]

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Raw Maple Pecan Pie & A Giveaway!

I was 19 when I started writing this blog. To say I was an absolute n00b gives me  too much credit. I was whatever is one rung below n00b (b00b)? I started the blog when I was a sophomore in college and was still pretty new to veganism. I wanted to teach myself how to […]

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Raw Peach Tart with Almond-Lime Mascarpone

OH HERRRRRRO. I’m still in the process of moving a whooooole bunch of old recipes over to the new site, so some are old gems that are really not for the season at the moment (unless you live in southern California or Georgia or something, in which case… carry on). If you happen to live […]

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