Blood Orange Marmalade Cornbread

To say that I enjoy watching football would be the second biggest lie of the century after  “I don’t miss drinking juice boxes.” But I like the stuff that comes with football. I like dressing up in one color like a big human Crayola crayon. In high school, I started “Monochromonday,” but mainly so I […]

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Stuffed Avocados

I don’t know what temperature it is where you are, but where I am it is CHEEELY degrees Fahrenheit. It’s only September 17 and I am already wearing wool socks with my jorts. Hot diggity! Luckily, the farmer’s market is saying otherwise, touting juicy Sungold tomatoes and some sinc-ear-ly gorgeous sweet corn (see what I […]

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Smoky Sweet Potato Corn & Black Bean Soup

I’m gonna keep things abbreviated today cuz I really only have two things to say and I want you to hear em loud and clear. 1) Go out tomorrow, cast your ballot then drop it like it’s hot. 2) Make this goddamn soup. My roommate May made it up. Whoever you make it for will want […]

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Summer Barley-Stuffed Peppers

Recipe left over from my time at home. I thought about calling them “Stuff Them In Your Face” Stuffed Peppers (since that’s what you want to do) but decided Summer was a little classier. And as you all know, I’m a classy gal. I suppose this characterizes a “summer” recipe more than anything because it […]

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