Apple-Cinnamon Cake

I love me a good goddamn task. Call me lazy (you’re lazy), but I just have a hard time going outside before noon if I don’t have somewhere to go. I find that my recipes never turn quite out as well when I’m cooking just for the hell of it and I dress like a […]

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Baked Cinnamon-Sugar Pumpkin Donut Holes

As I sit here typing, my roommate May is practicing Mad Men-era hairstyles on my innocent scalp. We’re having a Mad Men party in two weeks and certain someones are maybe a little overexcited. This sudden urge to drop out of college and go to beauty school has absolutely nothing to do with the fact […]

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Autumn Spice Almond Butter

This Thursday I had the unique opportunity to mess around making peanut and almond butters in the kitchen at Yumbutter. The two guys who run it, Adrian and Matt, are total bad asses. Not only do they have an awesome and super fun approach to making delicious, sustainable, ethically-produced food, but they run a Buy One Feed […]

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Apple Buttah

Apple Buttttttttahhhhhhhhhh [For the full effect, imagine this spoken by Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting/my elementary school PE teacher/this guy/actually anyone in The Departed.] Nothing says fall like apples and nothing makes me want to write off life as I know it and become a modern day Johnny Appleseed like apple pie, apple cider, or […]

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