Sweet Potato Two Bean Chili

HAPPY NEW YEAR HOMIES OF THE WORLD Twenty fourteen. It’s here. It’s hard to believe 2000 was two times seven years ago (is that a relevant metric? I’m not sure). I remember that New Year’s Eve… Having absolutely no idea what Y2K was or why everyone was freaking out about it. At the ripe age […]

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Vegan Fajita Friday

  This Friday wasn’t just like any old Friday, usually reserved for watching 7 episodes of your Netflix TV show du jour and writing in your diary about all the interesting birds you saw that week (oh, just me?). It wasn’t like any other Friday, where you peel off whatever disgusting clothes have been clinging […]

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Southwestern Black Bean Burgers

Sometimes you don’t know what you need until it’s yelling at you to stop singing Carly Rae Jepson at the top of your lungs. (What! I was in Russia and missed this! It’s catchy!) Sometimes you’re all, “who needs friends,” “I like eating with my hands in solitude” and “why would I want company? Other […]

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