10 Last Minute Food Gifts Under $20

I am skeptical of the term “foodie.” If you like to cook, you like to cook. If you like to eat, you’re like pretty much every goddamn person in the world. If you like molecular gastronomy and desserts made with helium… you’re a scientist? That said, some of us would rather get a microplane zester or […]

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Cranberry-Almond CLUSTER Granola

The holidaze can be a tricky time of year for vegans. Heck, they can be tough for any of us whose main food groups do not consist of Christmas cookies, Swedish meatballs, or egg nog (if those are your main food groups I suggest you take a good, long look at da pyramid). While holiday […]

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Of All the Banana Breads in the World, You’re the Banana Breadiest

Sunday morning is great. If I could put a ring on it I probably would. Since finals started every day has felt a little bit like Sunday. I’m starting to lose track of time and spew strings of four letter words when I realize the bus is on its weekend schedule. Things in our apartment […]

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