Ginger Carrot Sweet Potato Soup

Happy New Year, my lovers and enemies. We’re three weeks into 2018 and in my professional opinion the year is off to a Pretty Good Start. The big, exciting news in my life is that Ben and I got a new puppy two weeks ago. Her name is Cleo and she’s a six month old […]

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Apple Carrot & Ginger Spelt Muffins

Both of my parents love to stories about the eccentric and goofy people they lived with throughout their twenties. They talk about the weird foods these people ate, their poor hygiene, their unbelievable sleep schedules, the strange people they would bring home. When I was in high school I would use these stories to get out of […]

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Coconut Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Well, snitches, we’ve practically made it. The last week of February is upon us and I’ve gotten through the buttcrack of the year relatively unscathed except for the radioactive gobs of mucus dropping down my throat en ce moment. WHAT’S THAT? YOU WANT TO HEAR MORE ABOUT MY GROSS TRANSFORMATION INTO THE UNDEAD? At least […]

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Smoky Sweet Potato Corn & Black Bean Soup

I’m gonna keep things abbreviated today cuz I really only have two things to say and I want you to hear em loud and clear. 1) Go out tomorrow, cast your ballot then drop it like it’s hot. 2) Make this goddamn soup. My roommate May made it up. Whoever you make it for will want […]

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