Chocolate Tahini Banana Bars

A quick rundown of my life: Wisconsin lost in the Sweet Sixteen last night so I am rightfully heartbroken and utterly devastated, I’m going to my grandma’s to explain to her (for the sixth year in a row) why I won’t be eating ham for Easter, and so far I have spent two hours today […]

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Raspberry-Infused Oatmeal

I would hardly describe myself as boring, but when it comes to breakfast I’m a pretty big damn snooze. I eat oatmeal about five days a week and supplement with smoothies or large spoonfuls of peanut butter out of the jar (the latter only if I’m feeling extremely fancy and gourmet). I like oats for […]

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Meyer Lemon Spelt Pancakes with Blueberry Compote

Spring is the best thing to ever happen to Madison, which is why we’re lucky it happens every year. This week I’ve seen about 7,000 new people downtown, purely because the hibernating sons of guns didn’t bother to leave their houses from November to April. The weathermen are saying this winter was the 11th coldest […]

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Vegan Brunch in Madtown Part I

Brunch is indisputably the most baller meal of the day. When Sunday gets rolling (and not in the fun way) brunch is an opportune moment to pad your belly with some satisfying, satiating, gut-hugging grub. Plus, it’s a great way to combine two meals into one, and I don’t see Dunch or Linner doing much […]

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