Coffee Cream Bars

The internets are the best, aren’t they? Over the course of the five years I’ve been writing this here blog I’ve met a number of pretty awesome people by way of email introduction, social media, and creepy, creepy internet stalking (just kidding, kind of). I cannot state how crucial browsing the interwebs was when I […]

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Coconut Cookies

There’s something about late fall that makes me turn into a fuzzy blue monster and only want to eat things that rhyme with shmocolate shmip, boatmeal taze-in’ and kickerpoodle. Maybe it’s a bit of pre-holiday excitement. Maybe it’s my body’s attempt to pad itself preemptively for a long, cold midwestern winter. Whatever it is, I […]

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Of All the Banana Breads in the World, You’re the Banana Breadiest

Sunday morning is great. If I could put a ring on it I probably would. Since finals started every day has felt a little bit like Sunday. I’m starting to lose track of time and spew strings of four letter words when I realize the bus is on its weekend schedule. Things in our apartment […]

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