Lost in Translation

Some things are just lost in translation. For example, my babushka will likely never understand my love of Nelly, to whom she hears me shaking my tailfeather through my bedroom wall a little too often. She will probably never comprehend my b’dazzled style or my general refusal to wear pants after May 1–she thinks that my not […]

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My Babushka’s Borscht

Some things are inevitable. It is inevitable that when I buy a new item of white clothing it will be dirty within four minutes of purchase. It is inevitable that I will spill many a tear on my tacky 80’s pillow when in Russia because I miss kale and nutritional yeast. It is inevitable that […]

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My Babushka’s Veggie Fried Rice

In our household, things run like clockwork. No, hold on, I said that wrong. Rather, clocks run like things in our household. There’s no joking around here on 4th Soviet Street, never, no way. [Particularly not when I wear my sparkly kitty sweater]. I come into the kitchen for breakfast sharply at 8:30. Breakfast table conversation […]

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My Babushka’s Split Pea Soup

You guys know that my babushka is my BFF. You’ve heard she’s bossy and understand that she’s full of bizarre homeopathic Russian remedies. But did you know she’s an amazing vegan cook? Before I got here I don’t think she knew either. From time to time she makes fun of me for my bizarre tastes […]

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