Sweet & Savory Apple/Cranberry/Almond Quinoa Salad

I made this quinoa salad for a family dinner a few nights ago. The variety of textures make it super tasty and fun to eat. Eating’s supposed to be fun in the mouth, isn’t it? Answer: yes. The sweet and savory thang goin’ on up in here is also real delish. Stock that pantry with […]

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Apple-Cinnamon Cake

I love me a good goddamn task. Call me lazy (you’re lazy), but I just have a hard time going outside before noon if I don’t have somewhere to go. I find that my recipes never turn quite out as well when I’m cooking just for the hell of it and I dress like a […]

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Quinoa apple crumble for fall

A few weeks ago my main blog analyst-slash-mom told me that my blog is severely lacking in autumnal desserts. I waited for zero seconds to starting thinking about which seasonal dessert to make first because…dessert. I’d recently spied a quinoa oat crumble in the NY Times but that recipe is SO LAST SEASON oh my god […]

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Apple Carrot & Ginger Spelt Muffins

Both of my parents love to stories about the eccentric and goofy people they lived with throughout their twenties. They talk about the weird foods these people ate, their poor hygiene, their unbelievable sleep schedules, the strange people they would bring home. When I was in high school I would use these stories to get out of […]

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