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Chickpea Crêpes with Indian-Spiced Sweet Potato & Golden Raisin Filling

I like getting fancy. There’s something kind of magical about donning an article of clothing free of wrinkles, strapping on shoes that close without frayed shoelaces, and combing out the dread locks steadily forming on the back of my head. For me, getting dressed up gives me hope that I will one day neither get […]

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Mushroom Chickpea Pinwheels

I’m sitting in my apartment where it looks like Christmas just threw up after a night of heavy drinking. I don’t pin myself as the holiday type, so I think I must have sleepwalked to Target in a zombie-like state and bought 4 strings of lights, fir tree-shaped candles, and, somehow, pumpkin spice hummus. There […]

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Vegan Guide to Boston Part II

Boston is a city with a rich history, top academic institutions, a slight speech impediment (pronouncing Rs is hard), and probably more Vineyard Vines than should be allowed by law. Just kidding… definitely more Vineyard Vines than should be allowed by law. As I’ve mentioned, I am a Masshole, born and raised. I will always have […]

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Cranberry, Candied Ginger, Cashew Bark

Daylight savings time is the worst time of year. Every day this week I either woke up at 3 AM rip-roarin’ and ready to go or overslept my alarm and showed up to work looking like I had just been barfed out of a rack at Goodwill. I know it’s just one hour difference, but this is rocking my world, and […]

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