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Kasha Varnishkes

I studied in Russia for a year in college. I have a lot of good stories from that era. The time I went to a Russian yoga class and the instructor came over and lifted me up off the ground to move me because I was literally not doing any of the poses correctly. The time my parents […]

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Beet Latkes

This post originally appeared on The Nosher. I adore latkes. What’s not to love about fried, starchy, salty nuggets of gold? If you have a mouth, you probably like them, too. I have tested root vegetable variations on the classic potato variety before. Sweet potatoes, in my experience, can be subbed in 1-for-1 to replace […]

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Vegan Seitan Reuben Sandwich

This post originally appeared as an article on The Nosher. I grew up going to Rein’s Deli outside of Hartford, Connecticut—almost exactly halfway between my home in Massachusetts and my grandmother’s house in New York. Stopping at Rein’s on a road trip was sometimes a treat but often a necessity for my parents (my sister, Jenny, […]

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Vegan Challah

This post originally appeared as an article on The Nosher. One of the first Jewish foods I remember eating is challah. I associate challah with mingling at bar and bat mitzvahs, a glass of grape juice in hand and a chunk of bread in the other, calculating how many times I could reasonably duck into […]

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