About me!


I’m a vegan blog lady in Boston. When I’m not Googling “animals being funny” or biking around in circles I’m probably off somewhere eating plants. I’m a big fan of plants. I also like watercoloring and bad jokes. Also, it’s best to not challenge me to a thumb war.

I write this blog about eating a plant-based diet. I’m not here to tell people they should be vegan (I understand that cheese is some people’s religion), but I’ll give you a few recipes to try it if you feel like it. They’ll be good, I promise.


I started writing Veganizzm in October 2010. I had been vegan for about 10 months, but I went between eating processed vegan junk and gnawing on carrots. I wanted to find a middle ground where I could cook meals that tasted unbelievable and just so happened to be good for me.

My interest in vegan food, curiosity for culinary adventures, and mind constantly full of words made this blog a logical choice. Most of all, I wanted to show my mom and grandma what I was making and document the recipes I made up so I could go back and make them again later. Quite unexpectedly Veganizzm evolved into something both wholesome and wholly offensive, which I’ve come to use as an outlet for humor, life reflection, puns, and, most importantly, delicious and nutritious “whole ingredients/whole-y balls that’s good” food.


I super happy when I’m making plant-based meals, taking photographs, and writing goofy stuff about it. I have been vegan since January 2010 and obnoxiously opinionated and sassy since way before then.

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