6 Tips For Fan-freakin’-tastic Baked Sweet Potato Fries

IMG_0949 IMG_0966It’s 7 pm, your stomach’s rumbling, and two lumpy, brownish sweet potatoes are staring you in the eye. You’ve had them for a while because root vegetables keep and there’s something about their potatoey-ness that is so-o-o unappealing. But wait! Want to know a secret? Those lumpy monsters are 20 minutes away from being perfect baked sweet and savory perfection. Here are my tips for making the perfect batch of baked-not-fried goodness.

  1. Cut ’em thick! Nobody wants a limp little fry that can’t withstand some dipping sauce love.
  2. Coat thoroughly in olive oil – don’t skimp or you’ll have sad, burnt little nuggets instead of crisped golden perfection.
  3. Salt generously and add your own spices! Paprika is great. For something completely different, skip the salt and toss lightly in cinnamon and sugar. Yes I went there.
  4. Roll them in corn starch before popping them in the oven for XTRA CRISPYNESS
  5. Make your oven hot and cook ’em til they’re done. Woe unto the person who pulls their fries too soon. Cook 20-25 minutes (depending on fry thickness) and don’t be afraid to pop them back in if they’re not done. Perfect fries are worth waiting for.
  6. I’ve got one word for you: plastics. Okay I’ve got a second word for you: Jam. Trust me on this one. Ketchup is good and all, but you’d be amazed how the sweet/savory thing works. A place in Madison called Alchemy serves sweet potato fries with jalapeno & blackberry jam which is out. of. this. world. Any kind of berry will do, but blackberry is highly recommended.
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